Monday, November 16, 2009

The Yard

Since finishing the wallpaper removal, we've been in the yard almost every weekend raking. We have very generous trees, and are doing all we can to use all of them.

We bought a sweet composter that is recycled, looks like the Death Star, and is dark enough to work over the Winter if we keep it in the sun:

Here I am starting to put it together, 16 panels, 192 rivets and 192 pins...

Halfway... The menacing bits are the aeration tubes.

And finally, In Use:

You just roll it around to where you need to fill it, roll it around to turn it, then roll it over to your graden to unload the finished compost. Sweet.

The rest of the leaves we've raked into a big pile where we want our vegetable garden to be. They should break down over the winter, kill all the grass and weeds, and enrich the soil for us.

What we're not fitting on the garden bed we'll put in an old-fashioned compost pile in back, or give to our neighbor who uses leaves as litter for his chickens. No landfills.

Once we're moved in, we'll be stitting down and working out a landscape plan that (per LEED and our own sensibilities) will be largely native and food species, deal with at least some of our rainwater, and not need irrigation.

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